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    Most forms can now be completed on-line and printed from your computer on an as-needed basis. However, certain forms are "For Viewing Purposes Only" – the original printed form must be completed in hard copy format.
    When using the interactive Microsoft Word forms, it is important to TAB from field to field. Using the "enter" or "return" key will cause all following fields to fall out of alignment. When first opening a form, your computer should automatically access the first available field: enter your information, then continue to hit TAB to move through the form. If no field is highlighted when first opening a form, hit TAB to access the first field.
    Forms are reviewed yearly by the originating department, at which time they are revised and/or updated by Central Printing Services. New forms or revisions to existing forms should be submitted on hard copy to Central Printing Services accompanied by a requisition. Forms which are currently being revised will have the words "IN REVIEW - CANNOT BE PRINTED" at the top or bottom of the page.
    New PCS Form Submission
    To submit a form for authorization to be a PCS Form, you will need to complete PCS Form 3-100, and submit it to Central Printing Services. NOTE: All new forms require authorization from an Assistant Superintendent or designee.

    Microsoft Word and/or Adobe Reader are needed to access these forms. Most forms are in Microsoft Word format while some are in PDF format. We highly recommend using Firefox as your browser with these forms. Other browsers (i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) will work, but with mixed results. You must have Adobe Reader 7.0 or above to access the PDF files. Click the icon below to get the latest version.
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    PLEASE notify Central Printing Services if you would like your form to be "For Viewing Purposes Only".