Strategic Communications

  • Our vision:

    "100 percent effective and purposeful communication"


    Our mission:

    "To advance the vision and mission of Pinellas County Schools through the delivery of clear, consistent and accurate communication that increases awareness of district goals and programs"


    Our core values:

    "Agility, valuing workforce partners, management by fact, focus on results and creating value, student-centered excellence"


    Communications team:

    Isabel Mascareñas, Public Information Officer; 727-588-6501
    Sean Clark, Manager of Multimedia and TV Operations; 727-588-6394
    Kyle Bell, Multimedia Coordinator;  727-588-5028
    Shawn Briggs, Multimedia Technician; 727-588-6000 X1435
    David Cook, Multimedia Producer; 727-588-6402  
    Rebekah Doughty, Communications Coordinator; 727-588-6575
    Lorri Helfand, Communications Coordinator; 727-588-6574 
    Elizabeth Johnson, Multimedia Producer; 727-588-6389  
    Brian Jones, Webmaster; 727-588-5172
    Libby Jourdan, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator; 727-588-6573  
    Britnie Meyer, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator; 727-588-6455  
    Maria Ortiz, Secretary; 727-588-6122
    Wally Patanow, Multimedia Producer; 727-588-6390 
    What we do:

    The Office of Strategic Communications is charged with the responsibility of providing accurate and timely information to School Board members, employees, families, business leaders, the community at large, and members of the media. The Office maintains the district's Newsroom, ensuring that it reflects, in print and video format, district projects and initiatives and shines a positive light on district achievements.

    Additionally, the communications team:

    • Keeps School Board members informed of district programs and initiatives

    • Supports the Superintendent by coordinating and directing communication of strategies, projects and activities of critical importance to the school system

    • Strives to improve public perception of the school district and to generate engagement and support for the education of Pinellas County children

    • Assists district departments with their communication efforts to schools and the public

    • Assists schools in their efforts to communicate positive news and outcomes to families and the public

    • Coordinates media coverage for the district and individual schools

    • Provides media training to employees

    • Executes the district's emergency communications plan

    • Responds to public records requests from the media


    Contact us:

    Phone: (727) 588-6122
    Fax: (727) 588-6437

    We are located on the first floor of the PCS Administration Building
    301 Fourth St. SW Largo, FL 33770