Safety and Security Contact

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 6:00am – 6:00pm 

    Any student, parent, staff member or citizen may request assistance or review, for any safety, health or security issue from the DSSC directly by contacting one of the following members:

    Mike Mustoe, Administrator, District Threat Assessment Team,
    (727) 547-7100 Ext. 4693;
    Alicia Pearson, User Support Technician, Safety and Security,
    (727) 547-7100 Ext. 4563;
    Luke Williams, Chief, Schools Police, 
    (727) 547-7221;
    Susan Huzzy, Secretary, Schools Police,
    (727) 547-7144,
    Alison Shanabrook, PCSB Fire Marshal,
    (727) 547-7190;
    John Scacca, Insurance and Loss Prevention Coordinator,
    (727) 588-6078;
    Jerry Reynolds, Area I General Manager of Operations, Safety & Security,
    (727) 547-7184; 
    Jeff Wasilewski, Area II General Manager of Operations, Safety & Security,
    (727) 547-7289;