Concussion Program

1.) The training component is as follows:
  • Coaches must watch the required training video.
  • District will train the Assistant Principal for Activiies and Ahletic Coordinators.
  • School Board Administration will communicate to their staff.
2.) Steps taken by personnel when a concussion is suspected.
  • Athletes(s) removed from play.
  • Notify certified athletic trainer.
  • Notify parent or guardian.
  • No return to play on day incident occurs.
  • Athletes(s) must be evaluated by appropriate medical personnel.
3.) Steps for return to play.
  • Athlete(s) must be cleared by the appropriate medical personnel. (licensed physician, MD, a licensed osteopathic physician, DO, or a licensed physician assistant who is under the district supervision of a MD/DO)
  • Appropriate FHSAA paperwork (form AT18, Post Head Injury/Concussion Initial Return to Participation) form must be on file.
  • Athlete(s) must follow structured graded return to play protocol (handout enclosed).
Post Head Injury/Concussion Initial Return to Participation Form

Stages of Rehabilitation
This video highlights the effects of concussion and the importance of returning to learning in a structured manner.