• Family Life Education Committee


    The Family Life Education Committee processes guest speaker applications for sensitive topics and reviews new curriculum for Family Life Education.  Per school board policy 2417, the Superintendent shall establish the Family Life Education Committee to oversee the delivery of instruction related to human sexuality, drug-use prevention, and mental health curriculum.  Membership of the Family Life Education Committee shall consist of District staff with expertise in human sexuality education, community health leaders, school based administrators and teachers, and parent representatives.

    For specific questions relating to Family Life Education, please contact Ashley Grimes, Specialist for Pre K-12 Health and Physical Education at (727)588-6346 or grimesa@pcsb.org.


    FLEC Chart

    Presentation/Program/Curriculum Criteria 

    • The presentation/program aligns with and/or enhances current PCS student expectations or services.
    • The presentation/program was age and stage appropriate.
    • The speaker demonstrated professional attitudes, dress, language and behavior.
    • The presentation/program and related materials did not contain hidden agendas, marketing, advertising, websites or email addresses. (Policy #9700.01)
    • The presentation/program was parent/family friendly.
    • The presentation/program did not promote religious doctrine or persons. (Policy #2270)
    • The presentation/program presented current and accurate data.
    • Are pre- and post- testing, surveys, or questionnaires part of the presentation/program.
      • Any collection of data must be approved by the Pinellas County Schools Assessment, Accountability and Research Office.
    • The Speakers must be registered with the Pinellas County Speakers Bureau
    • Former addicts and dealers may not present prevention programs in general education settings. Recovering addicts may present intervention programs with high-risk students who have been users. However, intervention speakers must be non-users in recovery for a minimum of three years. All substance abuse speakers must provide a clear message that the use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or illicit drugs is unhealthy and harmful. Under no circumstances should speakers advocate “responsible use.”

    To request to become a Pinellas County Schools Guest Speaker or find out who is an approved guest speaker, please visit Speakers Bureau.

    To view the current approved Speaker Directly --> https://www.pcsb.org/domain/273