Elementary Health Education Curriculum Resources

5th Grade Human Growth and Development

  • The primary goal of this unit is to provide students with a better understanding of themselves and others. The combination of information that will be presented and the open discussion from students’ questions will help to correct misinformation students may have about this subject. This knowledge will help them develop a sense of respect and responsibility for themselves and others as they mature.


    As a parent/guardian, you may wish to prepare your child for this subject before the unit begins, or you may want to further clarify or elaborate on topics that your child may ask about at home. Parents may preview the three videos (combined time 40 min) at home using the links below prior to this unit. Because of the licensing, they are password protected and you will need your child’s username and password to view them. After this unit is completed, we encourage parents to continue educating their children on the facts and responsibilities of human growth and development.