Gus A. Stavros Institute

  • Gus A. Stavros Institute

    The Gus A. Stavros Institute was established as a partnership with the local business community to provide "real life" hands on learning experiences for students in Pinellas County Schools. With the support of the Pinellas Education Foundation and involvement from the business community, the Institute provides opportunities for students from elementary, middle, and high school to experience "real life" situations and prepares them to make decisions which will assist them with adult life, both personally and professionally.  

    The Institute encompasses three separate programs, Enterprise Village, Finance Park, and Future Plans.  Each program operates independently, while at the same time building upon one another. 
Enterprise Village graphic
    • Discuss the roles they as citizens play in their community as workers and consumers and relate these personal roles to the free enterprise system.
    • Discuss the importance of citizen rights and responsibilities in a community.
    • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the free enterprise system.
    • Explain the importance of philanthropy in our communities.
    • Build money management skills through a practical knowledge of economic concepts and banking practices.
    • Develop an understanding of basic business practices and responsibilities.
    • Display the soft skills necessary for successful participation in the world of work.
Finance Park graphic
    • Teach students to develop and follow a monthly budget.
    • Help students to research and understand the actual “costs of living” for the basic necessities of life.
    • Encourage students to develop and demonstrate personal responsibility for learning and self-management.
    • Communicate and work with schools to promote the highest level of student achievement.
    • Challenge students to think creatively, analyze tasks, and solve problems.
future plans graphic
    • Future Plans® is an interactive, self-administered, online program guided by engaging avatars aimed at helping individuals discover their abilities, interests, work values and personality traits so that they can choose the educational pathway and/or field of work that will lead them to their best in-demand career choices.
    • Visit Future Plans website >