2540 - Use of Multi-Media

  • 2540 - User of Multi-Media

    The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent procedures for the use of multi-media which include, but are not limited to: radio broadcast, audio CD, sound recording on cassette, CD, or computer file. The instructor(s) bears the responsibility for full compliance with the following policy.

    1. The instructional use of multi-media must:
      1. support and be consistent with the School Board's education goals, policies, and specific course objectives;
      2. adhere to copyright laws (see Guidelines for Educators and Staff);
      3. reflect best teaching practices based on age appropriateness and instructional relevance.
    2. Multi-media must:
      1. withstand a school level review and/or selection process;
      2. undergo close scrutiny prior to use. It is the instructor's responsibility to view and/or listen to materials, assuring compliance with this policy.

      1. Multi-media must:
        1. comply with the Guidelines for the Use of Videotapes and Other Multi-media;
        2. be G-rated;
        3. if not G-rated, be subject to: 
          1. an internal preview as set forth in the administrative procedures;
          2. a letter including the eight (8) required elements that is sent to parents before use; 
          3. receipt of response from parent/guardian which indicates approval or a request for alternate work. 

      Steps 1 and 2 of the procedure regarding the use of controversial material shall be reviewed will all staff annually. New personnel and/or substitute teachers must be apprised of the procedure regarding the use of controversial material upon assignment to the school.


      F.S. 1006.28, 1006.34
      F.A.C. 6A-6.3411, 6A-7.074