1281 - Use of Employee's Personal Property at Work


    From time-to-time School Board employees may wish to bring personal property to work either for reasons associated with administrative responsibilities or for use during off-duty time. This practice is permitted provided it is understood that the Board is not responsible for any loss, damage, or misuse of said property. Employees who bring personal property onto District premises for work-related purposes must notify the Superintendent prior to bringing such property onto District premises. Except in extraordinary circumstances, the Board will provide all employees with the equipment and tools necessary to perform their assigned duties.

    If the Superintendent requests an employee bring a certain piece of equipment or tool to school in order to complete a specific task, the personal property maybe covered by the Board's property insurance policy, subject to deductibles and limitations of District insurance coverage.

    Board employees are permitted to possess personal communication devices (e.g.,cellular telephones) at work in accordance with Policy 7530.01.

    Other individuals may wish to bring personal property onto District premises. The owner of the personal property bears all responsibility and assumes all risk for loss, damage or misuse of said personal property while it is on Board property. This provision applies, without limitation, to trespassers, invitees, visitors, and independent contractors.

    The limitation of liabilities set forth in the previous paragraphs applies to all personal property, regardless of any benefit the Board receives from its use.

    Adopted 12/9/09; Revised 6/29/10