About Technology and Information Systems

  • Technology and Information Systems (TIS) is comprised of approximately one hundred hardworking, devoted employees organized into six groups: User Support, Telecommunications, DCIS (Data Center and Infrastructure Systems), ASD (Application Support and Development), Cybersecurity, and Records Management. Our department is responsible for managing the district's information management and data processing requirements.

    MISSION STATEMENT: To strategically infuse state-of-the-art technology throughout our school system to ensure excellence in our workforce and highest student achievement for all students.
    We Believe:
    • We must be an effective agent for positive change.
    • We must share knowledge and responsibilities because of our diversity.
    • We are individually and collectively responsible for, and committed to providing quality services, support, and solutions to our customers.
    • In continual enhancement of communication throughout the district.
    • That mutual respect is essential for success.
    • We must actively pursue knowledge through continual training and development of staff, be aware of current technology and industry trends, and plan for the future.
    • In being open and willing to change.
    • A safe, healthy, caring environment promotes success and enhances self-esteem.
    • In setting high expectations, leading by example, providing support for achievements, and recognizing accomplishments.
    • We have a responsibility to use taxpayer's money wisely.
    • That teamwork is the key to success and enhances individual contributions.
    • In supporting the vision and mission of Pinellas County Schools.
    • In exemplifying high standards of professional and personal conduct.
    • In a partnership with our customers and suppliers.
    • We share the responsibility to accurately maintain records in compliance with state and federal laws.