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    Prevention Day Treatment Program

    AMI Kids, Pinellas


    The mission of the AMIkids Pinellas Center for Personal Growth is to help adolescent boys struggling with academic and behavioral issues to develop into successful young men through the delivery of education and habilitation services that respect the special learning and relational needs of boys.

    Program Description

    The Center utilizes a gender-sensitive, individualized approach for boys 11 to 15 years of age.  Our program incorporates the nationally-recognized Personal Growth Model (PGM) that focuses on education and youth development supported by an integrated behavior modification system administered by engaged, caring teachers, staff members and administrators.

    This approach includes holding the young man accountable for his actions, helping him develop confidence and competency in vital educational and life skills areas and leading him to acceptance of personal responsibility and better decision-making skills for the future.  Core skills are tested throughout enrollment and each young man participates in monthly reviews of a personalized plan for academic improvement and personal development geared to address their individual strengths and deficits.

    Transportation is provided within our catchment area.

    Student Admission Procedures

    AMIkids Pinellas accepts referrals from any source, including Pinellas County Schools, child service agencies and parents.  All candidates must meet base qualification criteria, be approved through a personal interview process that includes the student and his parent(s) and agree to a 12-15 month placement that includes a mandatory summer program. 

    Specific Eligibility Criteria

    A typical successful candidate is a 6th to 9th grader between 11 and 15 years of age with no – or very limited – juvenile justice involvement.  The program is limited to no more than 50 students and accepts referrals on a space-available, year-round basis.

AMI Kids Staff