Educational Alternative - Clearwater Intermediate School

  • Clearwater Intermediate Schools' focus is on secondary intensive academic intervention to students in grades 5.5-8.5 who are not meeting grade level expectations. Students who do not meet the 8th grade promotion requirements have the opportunity to participate in a course recovery program 8.5. Students are enrolled in ninth grade courses and receive instruction to acquire the skills necessary to complete these requirements. Those successful at the end of the first semester are classified as 9th grade students. At the completion of the school year these students have met credits for promotion to 10th grade.

    Each student's daily schedule includes four academic blocks. One block provides intensive reading instruction and one provides Intensive math instruction. The third academic block provides integrated instruction in science, social studies and language arts. In addition, students will have one elective block per day. The elective period includes art, music, health, physical education, study skills, career exploration and vocational experiences in a rotational wheel.


    A strong student services model is in place to give students the individual attention and support they need to be successful. The research-based concepts of the true middle school are infused into the philosophy, curriculum and organization of these schools.

    Special strategies include a low teacher/pupil ratio, small group and individual instruction, computer-assisted instruction, interdisciplinary teaming, a strong parental involvement component, a hands-on experiential curriculum, emphasis on personal responsibility and positive discipline, and business/community partnerships.

    For more information about Clearwater Intermediate School, visit their website at Clearwater Intermediate.

Clearwater Intermediate School Information

  • Phone - 727-298-1616

    Fax - 727-469-4189

    Principal - Tonya Mitchell