Discipline Program - Pinellas Secondary School

  • The Pinellas Secondary School serves students from sixth to twelfth grade. This is an involuntary disciplinary program for students who have committed a serious violation of the Code of Student Conduct. The principal or designee refers students to the Area Superintendent who places students in the appropriate school for 1, 2 or 3 semesters. In accordance with Florida Statutes and State Board Rules, an approved program in the disciplinary category does not require parent permission for placement. Parents are given a full explanation of the program and have an opportunity for an orientation by program personnel at the school site. Pinellas Secondary School offers the student the opportunity for continued quality learning in order to advance according to the pupil progression plan. A positive, behavior change and academic program teaches coping and survival skills and assists students in developing a positive attitude toward learning, school environment, the school staff, and other students.
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