Teen Parenting Services

  • Overview

    The vision of the Pinellas County School Board (PCSB) is 100% Student Success ….. to educate and prepare each student for college, career, and life. The goals of the Teen Parent Program are to increase the number of teenage parents who remain in school and graduate, delay a subsequent teenage pregnancy, and strengthen the bond between teen parents (mom and dad) and child, facilitate appropriate childcare and development, and provide the teen parent with adequate and appropriate parenting skills training.

    The Teen Parent Program (TPP) is designed to provide comprehensive and ancillary services to facilitate the completion of coursework necessary to earn a high school diploma. Program components include parent education, childcare, health services, social services and transportation. Teen Parenting services are available in all high schools, middle schools, DJJ programs, and EAS programs. A full-time student is eligible for TPP services if they can graduate from high school by their 20th birthday and ESE students may remain eligible until the age of 22.

    Participation in a teenage parent program is voluntary; however, students enrolled in such a program are expected to attend school regularly. Students are exempt from minimum attendance requirements if related to pregnancy or parenting responsibilities but are required to make up work missed due to absences.

    The Teen Parent Coordinator will review services for a teen parent who is currently not enrolled in school and then notify the social worker assigned to the student's school.

    Transportation will not be available through Pinellas County school transportation system if the school or agency does not currently receive bus transportation services. All other services are available. Poor attendance, misuse of daycare privileges, lack of academic progress, and student withdrawal can be significant reasons to terminate daycare services.


    Services Provided

    Teen parenting services are available in high schools, middle schools, Department of Juvenile Justice programs and all Educational Alternative Services programs. 

    If you meet age and credit requirements, are currently enrolled in school, and are pregnant or a teen parent, you are eligible for teen parent services and coordinated child care.

    Services available:     

    • Educational opportunities to earn credits and remain in school and graduate
    • Licensed childcare
    • Transportation to childcare and school
    • School social workers to provide counseling
    • Health Services to assist with attaining immunization records, annual physical exams, and birth certificates and to provide information on pregnancy and labor and delivery.
    • Parenting education 

    Childcare Services

    To be eligible for daycare services, the child must be registered as a PCS student. The following documents must be provided for your child:
    • Birth certificate
    • Current immunization record
    • Yearly school physical

    Locations for Childcare

    On-site childcare is available at:
    • PTC Clearwater Teen Parenting Daycare Center

    Community-Based Childcare is available through the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) at no cost to the student.

    Teen Parenting Enrollment

    If not enrolled in school or if a contact name is needed, contact: Teen Parenting Services at 727-588-6070.

    Teen Parent Staff

    Teen Parent Coordinator - Dr. Sharon Brown
    Teenage Parenting Program
    301 4th Street SW
    Largo, FL 33770
    Phone: 727-588-6070
    Fax: 727-588-6109
    Health/Resource Teachers - 
    • Sephanie Lawson
    • Stacey Orne
    • DaRhonda Manning