Career Center - Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy

    Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy is a voluntary educational alternative school that provides students an opportunity to learn in a blended environment. Blended learning incorporates the student working on course work online through GradPoint and having face-to-face learning with a teacher. The school offers 9th through 12th grade and adult education with small classrooms where students work at their own pace to complete their school work. Students have the opportunity for online course work in digital media, such as graphic design, video animation and production.
    Students have several options at Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy:
    • The option of an 18 credit program track.
    • A dual enrollment program which entails working toward their high school diploma and also attend either St. Petersburg College to take college courses or Pinellas Technical College for vocational certification.
    • The school features a new digital multimedia program.
    • Students can earn credits or improve their GPA with the option of earning a high school diploma, a vocational industry certification or both.
    • A Personalized Leaning Plan (PLP)
    • Smaller classroom size.
    For more information on Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy, visit their website at Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy

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