Hiring Guidelines

  • These hiring guidelines are used in making employment decisions for individuals who are applying for positions with the Pinellas County School Board. If you have any questions, you may call a personnel representative for assistance.

    If you are offered a job, you will be required to be fingerprinted at your own expense. If you have a criminal history, you may be required to provide written documentation. If you are hired and it is found that you falsified your application in regard to reporting criminal history information, you may be dismissed and possibly prosecuted. All applicants must be of good moral character; see FSS.1012.32.

    For the purposes of these hiring guidelines, criminal convictions mean a conviction by a jury or by a Court and shall also include the forfeiture of any bail, bond, or other security deposited to secure appearance by a person charged with having committed a felony or misdemeanor, the payment of a fine, a plea of nolo contendere, the imposition of a deferred or suspended sentence by the Court, adjudication withheld, finding of guilt, a plea of no contest, or the date of entry into a pre-trial intervention, pre-trial diversion, or similar program, so long as such PTI/PTD program is completed by the end of the relevant waiting period.

    Will not hire:

    • Felony sexual related crimes, lewd and lascivious crimes, and felony child abuse crimes.


    • Felony crimes of violence or felony sale of controlled substances (Will consider and carefully review if the conviction was beyond 25 years).


    • Will not hire if the conviction was within the last 10 years. Will consider and carefully review if conviction was beyond 10 years.


    • Other felony crimes and any other misdemeanor crimes of a sexual nature or misdemeanor crimes related to children. Issuing Worthless Checks will be considered on a case by case basis.


    • Will not hire if the conviction was within the last 5 years. Will consider and carefully review if conviction was committed beyond 5 years. Misdemeanor drugs, misdemeanor crimes of violence, misdemeanor crimes involving weapons.

    Case by Case Review:

    • Other misdemeanors.
    • Multiple convictions.
    • Offenses which are directly related to duties and responsibilities of the particular position.