Hiring Bus Drivers - Requirements

  • Required to apply
    • Valid E-mail address (used by Searchsoft, Admin, and Personnel)
    •  High School Diploma/GED (must be attached to application under the attachments tab)
    •  Five year verifiable driving history ( Driver's license number is correct on app or use our DMV help under app. assistance)

    Required to finish the hiring process, (you can start now) please see "hiring bus drivers" page for more info

    •  Minimum CDL Class B Permit with a "P" and "S" endorsement (We have paid training for the license with having this permit)
    • Completed application with one "returned" reference and education requirement attached.
    •  Successfully pass DOT physical, drug screen, background check, and dexterity testing (you do all of these with us)

    Pay Rates

    • Training rate is 12.23/hr
    • Bus Driver position rate is 14.25/hr
    Schedule is a split shift. Work hours are before classes and after classes. Individual schedule based on route.
    Part time and full time available.
    Part time schedule would be committed to Mon- Fri schedule choosing either the AM or PM shift.
    Part-time does not meet benefit requirements.
     This is a Summary of information provided by PSCB, found at the pcsb.org on the employment page : Employment page