Bus Driver References

  • Pinellas County Schools requires two references for the school bus driver position.

    One reference must be completed online and one must be completed by telephone
    Remember, use the left side check mark to display "data entry requirement met"  to ensure completion 
    To complete your email reference:
    • Login to your application
    • Select "My Application" on the left
    • Left-Hand,  References/Employment Verifications tab
    • Add new
    • Fill out red asterisk fields, BE SURE EMAIL IS CORRECT WITH ACCURATE SPELLING  

    Once you submit your reference, the application system will email the provided Email address a questionnaire. The recipient will receive an email from "SearchSoft"

    You will see "Pending" under the status of that reference until the system receives back a response which the status will auto update to "returned"
    You absolutely must have one of these returned to proceed through the hiring process.
    Telephone references will be requested after the application is received and processed.