Bus Driver Application Assistance Events


     Please request a meeting with Gina Zedonek for application assistance. 

    Telephone/Email help

    Gina Zedonek 727-547-7100 x 4620
    •  The system sends reference questionnaires to the email addresses you have provided online.
    •  The checkmark on the left-hand side will help you navigate the application Check Mark  (when using this option, also visit the "Driving information" tab).
    •  You must click on "view/apply" and "apply" to complete the application process.
    •  If you do not receive an email from "Search Soft", you did not finish your application online.


    If you need to order an Out of State DMV report, use the drop-down from "application assistance" and click on "DMV help".

     If you are having trouble with the references being returned, double-check the email address and resubmit. Contact your reference and have them look for an email from "Search Soft" and that questionnaire must be returned under " status" on your application.