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Middle School Education

  • "True learning is figuring out how to use what you already know in order to go beyond what you already think." - Jerome Bruner

Meet our District Middle School Team

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STEM Honors Camp for TIP Students

STEM logo We will begin accepting applications from 7th grade students who qualified to take the SAT in March for our STEM Honors Summer Camp Program.  Students must be in 7th grade for this 2016-2017 school year and be ready for a challenging camp experience in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 
Camp Information
June 5- 15, 2017 (Monday - Thursday)
8:00 am - 3:30 pm 
Several Field Trips will be planned.  
The camp application packet will be available soon with more information! 
Parents are responsible for transportation and all camp fees. 

Talent Identification Program (TIP)

Pinellas County Schools is pleased to announce we are in our fifth year of TIP (Talent Identification Program) aimed at high performing seventh grade students at each of our Pinellas County Middle School sites.  Students are identified based on criteria set by the district and they are invited to participate in our program.  Registration forms are available at your child's middle school. Please ask to speak to the TIP Coordinator.  This program requires a paper application and no online application is available to participate on this testing day.  
Parent information sessions are held throughout the process to inform parents of the testing process and how to interpret the scores once they are received. Again, those dates are obtained through the school. 
Pinellas County Schools seventh grade students, who have registered,  will take the SAT test at one of five Pinellas County Middle School test locations. These test locations are for Pinellas County TIP students only. By participating in our TIP program students had the opportunity to test with their peers in an environment more familiar to them rather than at a high school with older students.
Registration Closed 
Pinellas County Middle School Testing Date:   Saturday, March 11, 2017
Pinellas County Schools students who qualify to participate in TIP also will receive information about our STEM Honors Summer Camp.  Parents should plan to attend the Parent Information Meeting at the test site after you check in  your child the morning of the test.  
Families are responsible for test and camp fees.  

2017 - 2018 Elementary to Middle School Articulation Information

Do you have a 5th grade student going to Middle School next year?  

A PowerPoint to help guide parents through the articulation process from Elementary to Middle School.  
6th Grade Orientation Opportunities 
If you have specific questions please call the school your child will be scheduled to attend.

Middle School Student Progression

There have been updates to policy regarding Middle School.
Please refer to the District Bylaws and Policies Manual  on our Pinellas County Schools Website.
5410.02 - Regular Program Core Curriculum/Promotion/Retention/Acceleration - Middle School
5420.02 - Reporting Student Progress - Middle School

Spring Break Content Challenge!!!

Welcome to the 2017 Spring Break Content Challenge!

Over the course of Spring Break we encourage families to work with their students to keep learning active. When you type the link below into your web browser you will be directed to Office 365 where you will sign in with your Focus username and password. It will then take you to an OneNote document. On the left of the overview page you will see the sections for ELA, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Math. Each link will take you to a different page. The pages in this website allow students to continue their learning in an engaging, online format.

The ELA, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math sections are divided by grade level. In each of those tabs you will find links to sites that match with the content you have studied or will study in your classes this year.

Your challenge is to read, compute, watch, or play (depending on the link) the resource links that you find the most interesting and then go to the O365 Response Link to record what you've learned and how long you spent learning it. Be sure to complete a separate O365 form for each activity you complete.

Individual schools, departments, or teachers will determine participation goals and what the reward will be.

Happy Learning!
Middle School Team

Link to Holiday Challenge:


Summer Bridge 2017

Summer SB2 Bridge 2017 enrollment opens February 27, 2017. District letters will be going home to students identified as possibly needing additional support in Math and/or Reading based on previous years' test scores.  Individual Middle Schools also identify students who are struggling and offer them the opportunity to attend as well. Please check out the district information below as to how to register through our Student Reservation System. 

For all information needed to make an informed decision about Summer Bridge please check out the links below: 


Middle School Summer Bridge Registration Information and Link 2017

Summer Bridge 2017 Flyer - Middle School (English) 
Summer Bridge 2017 Flyer - Middle School (Spanish)

Basic Summer Bridge Information for Middle Schools:
Registration: Use the Student Reservation System to enroll.
Transportation: Parents will be responsible for providing transportation for their children.
Dates: June 6 - July 13, 2017
Hours: 8 a.m. to noon
Days: Monday - Thursday
Holiday: Sites will be closed July 3rd and 4th!!!

Middle School Locations: Azalea, Bay Point, Carwise, Dunedin, John Hopkins, Largo, Meadowlawn, Morgan Fitzgerald, Oak Grove, Osceola, Pinellas Park, Safety Harbor, Seminole, Tarpon Springs, and Tyrone
Before/After Care Options are available at some sites.
Contact List for Before/After Care Options

Middle School Course Recovery

Second Semester Course Recovery Options

At times students struggle in some of their coursework.   It is our intention to help every student be successful, help them move forward and prepare them for the future.  Middle schools are currently running course recovery programs for students who find it necessary to recover a course after first semester grades.  Each school site has a program.  Please inquire at the school if your student is in need and not currently taking advantage of the program. 

Summer Course Recovery Options

The Middle School Course Recovery program is offered for middle school students who were previously not successful in completing a middle school core course. Course recovery courses will be offered in math, science, social studies and language arts. Students should check with their guidance counselor for eligibility. Transportation will not be provided.
For more information, contact Dywayne B. Hinds, Executive Director, Middle School Education, at 727-588-6453 or via email at

Dates: June 6- July 13, 2017
Hours: 8 a.m. – noon
Days: Monday – Thursday

District Application Programs

Are you looking to have your child enroll in one of the district programs that are part of the application process?
Now is your chance to get information and make sure you don't miss important deadlines!  
Information sessions begin in November.
Visit our Student Assignment Pages by following the link below.

Teaching and Learning Mission

The mission of Teaching and Learning is to provide quality
curricular, instructional, and assessment resources
to support staff and student learning.

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