Personnel Records/Verifications

  • Mission Statement

    "Our goal is to increase the effective and efficient operations of the district's personnel records and verification processes through governance transparency, data protection, regulatory compliance, and cost reduction."
    The office of Personnel Records oversees the management of personnel files and personnel information.
    For faster processing, please submit requests via:
    Fax: 727-588-6260
    Requests will also be accepted via:
    U.S. Mail: 301 4th St. SW, Largo, FL 33770
    Voicemail: 727-588-6316 (This line is for voicemail messages only - calls are not answered. You may wish to leave a message and a Records team specialist will return your call as soon as possible.)
    Please review the following links for district and state policies regarding personnel files and public records:
    Florida Statutes Sections 119.01, and 1012.31.


    Do you need your employment or income verified?

    We are pleased to announce that Pinellas County Schools now uses The Work Number® to provide automated employment, income, and social services verification for our employees.

    The Work Number from Equifax is a fast and secure way to provide proof of your employment or income—a necessary step in many of today’s life events including obtaining credit, financing a home or automobile, obtaining a housing lease, applying for social services benefits. The Work Number allows requestors to receive immediate confirmation of an individual's employment and salary for verification purposes.

    The Work Number has over 225 million employment records and is used by over 50,000 organizations to verify employment data.The Work Number simplifies the verification process by using an online system available to verifiers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Additionally, Pinellas County Schools’ employees who work for organizations that contribute information to The Work Number can access one (1) free Employment Data Report (EDR) PCS Accessing Your EDR each year through   
    The EDR provides complete historical employment and income information, as well as a listing of verifier requests for the past two years.


    Use the log-in information below for additional information about The Work Number.
    Active or Current Pinellas County Schools Employees
    Terminated or Former Pinellas County Schools Employees
    Please visit the following Website and follow the prompts:

    Select the "Log In" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    Select the "View My Data" option.
    Enter Employer Code: 18019.
    Select Pinellas County Schools.
    If this is your first time logging into your The Work Number account, please select the "Click here to register" link.
    Provide the requested information in order to register.
    For employees who need to provide verifiers with a Salary Key, please open the following file for instructions on how to create one PCS Creating Salary Keys.
    The Work Number cannot be used for the verification types listed below.  Please send these requests to pcsrecordsrequest@pcsb.orgthem , or you can fax them to 727-588-6260. There is a 10 - 15 business day turnaround time for these types of requests.
    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
    • Adoption Memos
    • Disability
    • DOT Driving Record
    • Drug Test and Driving Records
    • Drug Test Results
    • Employee Record Copies
    • Immigration Memos
    • Quality Control Audit
    • Sexual Misconduct
    • Social Security Administration
    • Support Service Experience/Credit 
    • Teacher Service Experience/Credit
    • "Wage and Salary Loss" - This is not the same as the "Loss of Income" request


    The Work Number will be used for:
    • Obtaining Credit
    • Financing a home or automobile
    • Obtaining a housing lease
    • DCF Requests
    • Social Services program eligibility


    Pinellas County Schools’ employer code is 18019. Please review the following links for instructions on how to use The Work Number   PCS The Work Number Message to Verifiers and their contact information PCS The Work Number Contact Information for Verifiers.

    Please refer to the Social Services Requests page regarding processing of social services requests.




    Contact Us:
    If you are still unable to find what you were looking for after checking the resources on this page and the Frequently Asked Questions page, contact us


    Note: If you have questions regarding a request submitted to The Work Number, please contact their Client Service Center PCS The Work Number Contact Information for Verifiers.


    For unique verification requests that may not be able to facilitate through the normal request procedures, written requests can be made be There could be a longer business day turnaround time for these types of requests.