Mortgage Request

  • Verification of employment and income requests for obtaining financing or re-financing a mortgage, are processed through The Work Number. Employees may wish to make the lender (the verifier) aware of this so that they can submit their request through The Work Number.


    For additional information regarding The Work Number and the processing of mortgage requests, please refer to the following webpage The Work Number.


    Please note, the (two-digit) code beside the employee's job title corresponds to their Pay Type. Please locate this Pay Type in the Employer Disclaimer section of the The Work Number report in order to determine the number of months the employee is scheduled to work during the regular school year.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How can we determine what moniess are contained in the 'Other Income' earnings section of The Work Number Report?


    'Other Income' includes monies from:

    • YTD gross wages where Job # > 18 and not a substitute
    • Wages from supplements (to include advanced degrees) where Job # < 19 and substitutes
    • Adjustments from Job #s < 19 and substitutes

    ** Verifiers will have to refer to employee paystubs to determine the source(s) of the 'Other Income'. In order to determine the job title associated with a particular paystub, verifiers will have to match up the Job # listed on the paystub with the corresponding Job # on the W-2, which will list the associated job/position title. **