ESOL Endorsement

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages - Specialization Requirements for Endorsement 

    Pinellas County Schools offers the professional development necessary for teachers to earn the ESOL Endorsement. Course offerings are updated monthly in the Professional Development Chalk Talk and under the ESOL link of Departments and Offices.  Available trainings are offered online and face to face.

    Each area is 60 inservice hours.  The five areas include:

    • Methods of teaching English to speakers of other languages (can also be referred to as Essentials, Strategies, Empowering, or Methods)
    • ESOL Curriculum (and materials development)
    • Cross Cultural Communication (and understanding)
    • Applied Linguistics
    • Testing (and Evaluation of ESOL)

    NOT all teachers must earn the ESOL Endorsement, however, ALL teachers must have completed some ESOL training depending on their teaching assignment.

    Teachers that require the ESOL endorsement are Category I teachers. 

    • Category 1:  Language Arts, Reading, Elementary, VE [Kindergarten-Grade 12] (300 inservice hours in each of the five areas listed above.)

    Category 2, 3, and 4 teachers do not need to earn the ESOL Endorsement. 

    • Category 2:  Teachers of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Literacy, VE Support  (60 inservice hours)
    • Category 3:  All other teachers (Music, Art, PE, etc.) and service providers (School Social Workers, Psychologists, etc.)  (18 inservice hours)
    • Category 4:  School Administrators and Guidance Counselors  (60 inservice hours)

    Option 2 is available to Category 1 teachers to earn the ESOL Certification.  With a passing score on the ESOL K-12 Subject Area Examination, teachers can add the subject ESOL K-12 to their certificate.  This test AND with the completion of any two of the 60 inservice ESOL endorsement trainings completed within three years of the passing test date will keep the teacher in compliance of their timeline.

    Option 3 is earning the ESOL endorsement through college credit.  If you have earned the ESOL Endorsement by taking 15 hours of ESOL college credit, submit your application to the FLDOE to add the ESOL Endorsement to your certification.  You will need to submit your official college transcript if you have not already done so.

    If you have earned the ESOL Endorsement (300 hours of inservice training), you are able to complete a District Add Endorsement Application with the FLDOE. 

    If you have passed the ESOL Certification (ESOL K-12 SAE) and hold a five year professional certificate, you are able to complete a District Add Subject Application with the FLDOE.  If you hold a nonrenewable three year temporary certificate, complete your application to add a subject.