Gifted Endorsement

  • Gifted Endorsement Specialization Requirement

    Pinellas County Schools offers the professional development necessary for teachers to earn the Gifted Endorsment.  Courses are offered in blended, online, and face to face formats at no cost to PCS teachers.

    Each course is 60 inservice hours.  The courses include:

    • Nature and Needs of the Gifted*
    • Curriculum and Instructional Strategies
    • Special populations of the Gifted
    • Guidance and Counseling
    • Theory and Development of Creativity

    *Nature and Needs of the Gifted is the foundational course and recommended as ther first course to be completed.

    Contact Coral Marsh for requirements

    If you have earned the Gifted Endorsement (300 hours of inservice training), you are able to complete a District Add Endorsement Application with the FLDOE.

    More information about the Gifted Endorsement can be obtained by contacting the Gifted Office at 727-588-6088 or by email to Ms. Coral Marsh, Gifted Specialist,