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    Empowering Students to Discover, Learn, and Lead Through Community Involvement.

    Profferfish Quick Guide 

    Registration Process - How to Register

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Students & parents share the same dashboard. Login anywhere and anytime to view all the community service details.




    Getting Started

    The Student/Parent Dashboard

     The dashboard consists of five main areas and is a super easy way to navigate through the community service process.

    • Navigation bar
    • Blue box notifications
    • Featured service opportunities
    • My Fishbowl
    • Start Fishing buttons
    • Use the Quick Start Guide Popular Dashboard Features


    Featured Volunteer and Work Opportunities

    • Volunteer or Work Opportunities your counselor has selected to highlight
    • These may be Service or Work Opportunities with unique experiences, such as:
      • The American Heart Association CPR Initiative
      • Color Guard
      • Volunteer at the local animal shelter
    • Service or Work Opportunities may be ongoing, seasonal, or one-time events.



    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a pre-approved Volunteer Organization or Business?

    A Volunteer Organization or Business that meets the requirements established by your administrator or counselor for volunteer service or work activities.

    What is a pre-approved Volunteer or Work Opportunity?

    A specific Volunteer or Work Opportunity approved by your administrator or counselor that is associated with a pre-approved Volunteer Organization or Business.

    Does Profferfish approve or deny organizations, businesses, or opportunities for districts or individual schools?

    No. All approved organizations, businesses, and opportunities are determined by your school administrator or counselor.

    How can I add a new organization, business, or service opportunity to the pre-approved list?

    • Go to “Start Fishing” on your dashboard
    • Click on the “Submit a New Volunteer Organization and Opportunities” or “Submit New Businesses and Work Opportunities” button.
    • Select option to enter an “Organization OR Business” OR an “Opportunity”.
    • Enter required information and submit for administrator / counselor approval.

    Does a Volunteer or Work Opportunity have to be pre-approved before I can receive signatures, document my reflections, and submit to my counselor for approval?

    Yes. All Volunteer or Work Opportunities should be performed AFTER the Volunteer Organization or Business and the associated Opportunity have been approved in Profferfish.

    Can I submit multiple days/hours for volunteer or work opportunities at the same time?

    Yes. If you are volunteering or working for the same organization or business and repeating the same opportunity on different days and times, it’s super easy! Click on the “Provide Agency Signature, Student Signature & Reflections” tile to submit information and use the “+ Add More” button to submit multiple days/hours of service or work.

    What are the requirements to be 100% compliant with Florida Bright Futures community service and work standards?

    Volunteer Service and Paid Work Hours – Students must complete a program of volunteer service or, beginning with a high school student graduating in the 2022-2023 academic year and thereafter, paid work, as approved by the district school board or the administrators of a nonpublic school. Each district school board and the administrators of a nonpublic school must establish approved activities and the process for documentation of volunteer service or paid work hours including the deadline by which they must be completed. Students must earn either the required volunteer service OR paid work hours, but not a combination of both. The student may identify a social or civic issue or a professional area that interests them and develop a plan for their personal involvement in addressing the issue or learning about the area. The student must, through papers or other presentations, evaluate and reflect upon their volunteer service or paid work experience. Such volunteer service or paid work may include, but is not limited to, a business or governmental internship, work for a nonprofit community service organization, or activities on behalf of a candidate for public office. The hours of volunteer service or paid work must be documented in writing, and the document must be signed by the student, the student’s parent or guardian, and a representative of the organization for which the student performed the volunteer service or paid work. - FLDOE Bright Futures Student Handbook: Chapter 1 Page 4

    What if the agent of an organization or business does not respond or states “I did not receive” the email signature request for a specific service opportunity?

    • Go to “Start Fishing” on your dashboard
    • Click on “View My Submissions”
    • Click on “View My Service Hours Submission” Tab
    • Click on the pencil associated with the service opportunity
    • If the agent information is correct, click on submit and an email will be resent.
    • If the agent information is incorrect, enter the new information and click submit and an email will be sent the new agent for approval.

    * Helpful Tip: If agent does not see the approval email from Profferfish, please have them check to see if it’s in their “spam” email folder.

    What type of data do you have about my child?

    Profferfish maintains a student’s name, school id number, and email. All other fields under “Edit My Account” are optional.
    Important note: Profferfish does not know a students’ social security number.

    Will my child’s personal information be sold or shared?

    No. Profferfish has a “Data Sharing Clause” with all districts and schools strictly prohibiting sharing personal student information.

    For questions regarding Profferfish, please email your school counselor.