FACE IT Program


    FACE IT Program

    Families Acting Collaboratively to Educate and Involve Teens (FACE IT) is a program for youth between 12 and 18 years old who may have alcohol, tobacco, or other drug (ATOD) problems in their lives. In emphasizing relationship building and communication, a parent or caregiver attends each session along with their youth.

    Participants have the opportunity to recognize the benefits of living ATOD free; and to participate in a personal assessment of their own attitudes and experiences relating to the possession, use, and/or abuse of ATOD. Topics covered include anger management, building healthy relationships, communication, limits and consequences, underage drinking, marijuana, OTC and prescription drugs, handling stress, and making healthy choices, among others. FACE IT is designed to build awareness of personal and familial wellness, lifestyle choices, and personal gain in a setting that is non-judgmental and safe.

    FACE IT is offered as an alternative to suspension, or on the recommendation of a concerned party. FACE IT offers all youth a means of facing and resolving problems related to ATOD. In order to successfully complete the program, students and their parent/caregiver participate in a two-hour class, one evening per week, for eight weeks.

    Students attending as an alternative to suspension/reassignment have the chance to reduce out-of-school suspension days so that they can maintain their academic progress and/or avoid reassignment to an alternative school program.



    If you are the parent/caregiver of a youth that has been referred to the FACE IT program for an offense that occurred at school or a school-related event, you may register online or by calling the Prevention Office.

    To register your student online, please click the following link, complete, and submit the form.


    To register them over the phone, please call the Social Work Office at (727) 588-6355. Within 3 school-days of registration, you will receive a confirmation email from the program coordinator containing information about the program, specific dates and times, and class rules/expectations.


    FACE IT Program Coordinator
    Ryan Sturm
    (727) 588-5119


    FACE IT Class Expectations:

    1. A parent/guardian or adult over the age of 24 must attend the virtual class with the student for the duration of each class. You may contact Ryan Sturm to discuss acceptable arrangements, if needed.

    2. Cameras must always be on, no exceptions. If the camera on your device isn’t working, it is your responsibility to speak to the administration at your school and check out a device with a working camera. You will be given an unexcused absence if your camera is not on for the duration of class.

    3. Participation is required throughout the entire class. If you are called on and do not answer, up to three times, you will be removed from the meeting and given an unexcused absence.

    4. You must attend 8 classes to graduate from the program. You are permitted up to 3 unexcused absences during the 8-class progression. Any more than 3 unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the program and school reassignment. If you know you will be absent, you must contact the site administrator or program coordinator prior to the beginning of class for the absence to be considered for excusal. The determination to excuse an absence is at the discretion of the site administrator or program coordinator.

    5. If you haven’t already, please download Microsoft Teams on the device(s) you will be using and ensure you are able to login prior to the start of class.

    6.   The majority of communication for the program is done electronically. It is necessary that we
                have a working email address for parents/guardians, or that they can check messages from their
                child’s R2.D2 account.


    Contact: Ryan Sturm, (727) 588-5119 for more information.