• The Law
    Florida Statute 1012.465 requires that all employees must meet Level 2 Screening requirements as described in Florida Statute 1012.32 (available online Title: XLVIII, Chapter: 1012)

    All employees must be electronically fingerprinted specifically for and by Pinellas County Schools. Pinellas County Schools reserves the right to determine which applicants will be approved and which will be disqualified in accordance with Pinellas County Schools’ Hiring Guidelines.

    General information

    Using an Internet Browser
    From a computer, go to: Fingerprinting Registration. As part of the registration process you will be required to create a user account based on your email address. If you do not have your own email account, you could consider asking a relative or close friend to assist you in this process and possibly using their email account, if you do not want to create one. Having an account will enable you to log back into the website to reschedule your appointment or reprint the confirmation if it is misplaced. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete your registration. Be sure to have a printer connected so that you will able to print the appointment confirmation you will be required to provide at the time of your fingerprinting.

    This website is a secure website. Secure data encryption methods similar to those banks use are designed into this website.

    Your Social Security Number will be required during the registration process. It is important that you provide your correct SSN due to the interface between the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)and the Florida Department of Education (DOE) Certification issuing/renewal process. Incorrect SSN’s will cause the DOE to be unable to issue a Teaching Certificate and you will be charged to correctly resubmit your prints.

    Method of Payment
    All new employees to Pinellas County Schools or Charter Schools, and student interns are required to pay online by major credit card, prepaid credit card or E-Check during registration.

    Submission Results
    Criminal Record History Information (CHRI) reports are securely delivered to the Human Resource Department electronically and are reviewed to determine that the applicant or employee meet Pinellas County Schools’ Hiring Guidelines.

    Rejected Fingerprints
    Although the fingerprint images are evaluated for quality by the scanning software before they are submitted to the FBI/FDLE, the possibility exists that some will be determined to be illegible by the FBI computer system. This occurs in a small percentage of cases and is usually resolved with a second attempt. In the rare case that the second submission also fails you will not need to be printed again, the district will request that the background screening be handled by Schools Police using an alternative method.

    Please note: We are required by the FBI to attempt a second submission before any other method can be requested.

    Mandated Employee Rescreening
    State statutes require employees to have an updated background screening every five years. The FDLE FALCON system provides the district with functionality that allows us to request that fingerprint images stored by the FDLE be resubmitted to fulfill this mandate. Employees meeting the five year requirement are selected and resubmitted through this automated process eliminating the need to physically fingerprint employees every five years.

    In most cases the employee’s stored digital fingerprints will be submitted, the results reviewed, and their personnel record updated without being notified. In some cases, due to the FBI updating their digital image requirements, the resubmission by the FDLE maybe found to be illegible. In these cases the employee will be contacted and a new set of fingerprints will need to be collected and submitted.