Taking a Leave of Absence

  • Leave of Absence - What you need to know


    Employees of Pinellas County Schools are entitled to a leave of absence from work in accordance with the district's Collective Bargaining Agreements and the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA)

    Requesting a Leave of Absence

    Employees who are requesting to be absent from work for less than 10 days shall notify their immediate supervisor before the work day begins and follow any additional coverage requirement.  If not possible, notification should be made as soon thereafter as possible.  Employees who are eligible for personal and vacation leave need to have their request pre-approved by the employee supervisor.

    If the employee is requesting a leave of more than 10 days, the employee shall submit a Request for Leave of Absence form (PCS 3-137) and the accompanying documentation.  For FMLA leave request, the department of Labor Form WH-380 is required to be completed and submitted.

    Reasons for Leaves

    The following types of leave may be requested: 

    ·         Illness of Self

    ·         Maternity

    ·         Birth of a Child

    ·         Care for child, spouse, or Parent with a Serious Health Condition

    ·         Adoption of a Child

    ·         Military

    ·         Qualifying Military Leave for family member (26 weeks)

    ·         Short – Term (30 working days or less)

    ·         Extended Personal (ex: adoption, childcare, etc.)

    ·         Professional/Sabbatical Leave/Association

    ·         Jury or Court Duty

    ·         Other leave (Political, Union, Peace Corp, Vista, etc.)

    ·         Workers’ Comp Injury / Illness in Line-of-Duty

    ·         Corona Virus Leave (2020-2021 School Year)


    Please refer to the corresponding collective bargaining agreement for additional information.

    Union Contracts - PCTA / PESPA / PBA / SEIU


    Types of Leaves

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.  

    For additional information please click on the following link:

                   The Employee's Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act.

     Regular Leave

    When in an unpaid status, insurance is at full cost to employee, supporting services positions are held at the discretion of the principal/supervisor after 30 days.

     Extended Personal Leave

    Unpaid leave not to exceed one (1) year shall be granted for adoption, child care, or long term sick leave.     


    Who to Contact


    Human Resources:  Is responsible for handling Leave approvals or denials, extensions, job related questions and processes.  All leave documentation and questions should be submitted to pcsleaves@pcsb.org.  For additional questions on leaves please contact the following:

    • Secondary Schools - Ms. Gillian Cutro  727-588-6285
    • Elementary Schools - Ms. Traceylee Delaney  727-588-6289
    • Transportation - Mrs. Teresa Hooker 727-588-6376


    Risk Management and Insurance Is responsible for Benefit Administration while on leave – including billing, processing of checks, coverage changes, and assistance with disability, MetLife HIP and other benefit questions as needed.

    • Please call 727-588-6197 to reach the Benefit Team.


      Human Resources - Leave of Absence Administration  

    Follow the link for information on what steps you need to take to request a leave of absence and the forms you will need to complete. 

    If you have any questions on the process, please contact your Human Resource representative listed above.

    For additional information please visit the Directions for Requesting a Leave web page. 


    Risk Management - Your Benefits and Leave

    Your Benefits and Leave

    • Leave Billing
    • Insurance Premium/Unpaid/Board Contribution
    • Maternity Leave of Absence
    • Disability Plan Claims
    • MetLife Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP)
    • Life Insurance Accelerated Benefit Option
    • Annual Enrollment
    • Disability Retirement Options through the Florida Retirement System

    Click here for additional information about Your Benefits and Leave