PCS FICA Alternative Plan through Bencor

  • The PCS FICA Alternative Plan, is a qualified retirement plan which covers all part-time, seasonal, temporary and substitute employees.   Enrollment in the plan is automatic for everyone who works in a position covered by this plan.

    Employees will contribute 7.5% of their wages on a pre-tax basis, instead of paying social security taxes.   Contributions are credited to an individual account in the employee's name.

    For additional information on the FICA Alternative Plan, please click the links below:

    To be eligible to receive funds from your FICA Alternative account, you must terminate your substitute or temporary position.  You must complete a Resignation/Retirement form, if you are still considered active with Pinellas County Schools and a Distribution or Direct Rollover Form.  There are several options available to you.  You may:

    1. receive your funds from Bencor in the form of a check.  To do so, select distribution in cash on the Distribution form.  You will be taxed on these funds, as income the year that the funds are received.  Bencor processes checks weekly and they will be mailed to the address that you indicate on the distribution form. 
    2. rollover your funds to a traditional IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan.
    3. maintain the funds in your current Bencor account. 


    Complete the Distribution or Direct Rollover Form and return it to Risk Management by Fax 727-588-6182, or email phillipssh@pcsb.org, or by Mail to Risk Management, Pinellas County Schools, 301 4th St. SW., Largo, FL  33770.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Risk Management at 727-588-6214 or phillipssh@pcsb.org.