• Emotional & Mental Health Resources

    Pinellas County Schools aim to support the health of all PCS employees, including their emotional and mental health. Through various programs and resources, PCS provides employees with resources to address and maintain their emotional and mental health in order to cope with everyday stressors, work productively, reach full potential, and ultimately impact the overall mission of PCS: 100% student success. 

    Below are available resources through Pinellas County Schools and the community. 


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Through Aetna Resources for Living, PCS provides all employees access to free mental well-being resources. Through the EAP, all PCS employees and their household have access to:

      • In-the-moment support 
      • Up to 8 free counseling sessions per issue per year 
      • Talkspace Chat Therapy 
      • Face-to-face or virtual counseling through CVS HealthHUBs
      • Free and confidential assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    The EAP can assist with stress, anxiety, finances, depression, alcohol and/or drug use, conflicts, parenting, and other personal concerns. Learn more about the EAP through pcsb.org/eap. 

    Aetna Resources For Living EAP
    (Username: pcsb | password: eap)

    Health Plan Benefits

    The Aetna Health Plan provides emotional and mental health benefits to all members with the Aetna medical insurance through PCS. Members can see a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a licensed mental health counselor to seek a long-term problem resolution or treat more complex mental health issues. Additional options include:

      • CVS HealthHUBs provide medical and behavioral health services on-site or telephonically. Available most days a week, including weekends. 
      • Teladoc Mental Health is Aetna's telemedicine provider for both medical and behavioral health benefits. Limited testing and medication is administered. Available to members 13 years and older. To learn more about Teladoc, visit the PCS Teladoc page

    These health plan mental health benefits are subject to Aetna Member's plan selection. Aetna Select: $25 copy | Choice POS & CDHP: 20% after annual deductible is met | Basic Essential: $0 copay/coinsurance. 


    Community Resources

    The Tampa Bay area provides many resources to address the mental and emotional well-being of its community members. Below is a list of available resources that focus on:

      • Grief counseling
      • Mental health 
      • Support groups for parents and youth living with mental illnesses, veterans, and suicide loss
      • Free youth counseling services
      • Assistance with housing, food pantries, clothing, addiction recovery and more!

    List of available Pinellas County Community Resources.