• PCS Limeade


    2023 Limeade 

    March 1, 2023 - February 23, 2024

    What is Limeade?

    Limeade is Pinellas County Schools' wellness program for employees enrolled in the Aetna medical insurance through the district. Limeade provides employees and dependent spouses with a program that focuses on all areas of their health and well-being through a mobile app and website. Members can participate in activities and programs throughout the year to improve their health and well-being and earn points towards incentives! The details of the program are below. 

    Questions? Contact the PCS Wellness Team at 727-588-6031 or email hillca@pcsb.org

    Who's Eligible for Limeade?

    • PCS Employees with Aetna Medical insurance through the District
    • Dependent spouses of employees on the PCS medical insurance
    • PCS Retirees with Aetna Medical insurance through the District
    • Dependent spouses of retirees on the PCS medical insurance


    How to get started?

    The Limeade program is available through a mobile app and website, so participants can stay involved wherever they are! 

    Mobile App
    Join by downloading the LimeadeONE iOS or android app on any smartphone. Once downloaded, search for Pinellas County Schools or use the program code PCSB to access the program.


    Visit pcsb.limeade.com to access the program from the web. 


    All active employees:

    1. To login, ALL active employees will click Sign In under Registered Users (even if you have not accessed Limeade, do not click “Activate Account”).  
    2. Click on the PCSB Employee Sign On button.
    3. Enter your PCSB Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. These are the same login credentials used to access the PCS Intranet and Employee Self-Service.
      • Secure your account. To create a secure sign-on experience, members will be prompted to enter a phone number to receive a code through text or voice call. Once the code is received, follow the directions to enter it and hit continue.
      • Limeade will provide a security code to save in a safe space in the event you log in from a separate mobile device.
    4. Once you sign in, agree to the terms and conditions to access your account.
      On the mobile app, you may be prompted to create a pin or enable FaceID for quicker sign in. We recommend all participants subscribe to the push notifications on your mobile app.
    5. After you have logged into your account, it is recommended to take your Well-being Assessment (found on the Discover page or compass icon on the mobile app). This assessment will customize your account and activities to your needs. You will earn 1,000 points and reach level 1.


    Dependent spouses and retirees will have access to the program. Below is the 2023 Limeade Guide- spouses and retirees will need to know their unique ID to register. This unique ID is a one-time use.

    2023 Limeade Guide: Includes registration directions and incentive and program summary.

    2023 Employee Sign-on Directions with Pictures

    Turn on Your Push Notifications!


    Race to LEvel 1




    Complete Level 1 before 3/31/2023 to be entered into a random drawing for an additional $50 gift card!
    To complete Level 1, employees will take their Well-Being Assessment, which is a 15-20 minute questionnaire about all areas of well-being. By taking this assessment, participants will reach Level 1, earn an instant $20 gift card, and unlock all the incentive levels. In addition, the well-being assessment will personalize participant's accounts and provide activities that are specific to their own well-being needs. This assessment is completely confidential. 
    Employees who complete the Well-Being Assessment and reach Level 1 before 3/31/2023 will be entered into a random drawing to earn one of five $50 gift cards. Employees must be actively employed with the PCS medical insurance at the time of the drawing to be eligible. Winners will be sent a direct email with gift card information. 

    The Incentives! 

    As you interact with activities designed to build positive habits, you will earn points. The points accumulate towards levels. When you reach a new level, you earn a new Tango gift card. Participants have between March 1, 2023 and February 23, 2024 to earn these incentives. Below is a chart that shows all the incentives available for employees, retirees, and spouses. 2 Board Spouses will be eligible for the spouse rewards.



    Employee Reward

    Retiree & Spouse Rewards

    Including 2 Board Spouses

    Level 1


    $20 Tango Gift Card

    $20 Tango Gift Card

    Level 2


    $50 Tango Gift Card

    $20 Tango Gift Card

    Level 3


    $300 Annual Wellness Incentive

    Paid after the program year ends in 2024. Must be an active employee with PCS medical insurance at the time of payout.

    $20 Tango Gift Card

    Level 4


    $75 Tango Gift Card

    $20 Tango Gift Card

    *Well-Being Assessment is required in order to reach level 1 and earn any rewards. 

    Tango Gift Cards

    Tango is the company that administers the gift cards provided. Once you earn a gift card, you will receive an email from Tango with directions on how to redeem your gift card. You will have access to a wide variety of retail locations to redeem your gift card, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks and more!

    $300 Annual Wellness Incentive

    Once you reach level 3, you will be eligible for the $300 Annual Wellness Incentive. This incentive will be a one-time payment that will be added directly to an employee’s payout after the program ends in 2024. Employees must be actively employed and have active medical insurance through PCS at the time of payout to earn the reward.

    All gift cards and incentives are subject to tax according to IRS guidelines. Employee's earnings will be reported to payroll and taxed according to IRS guidelines. If you are a retiree or a spouse of a retiree, please consult your tax advisor.

    How to check what level I have reached?

    Participants have 90 days after the last day of the program to report any incentive payout issues. Any issues reported after this time may not be resolved. Please contact the wellness team at 727-588-6031 to report these issues.

    Earn Points for Activities - Including Preventative Exams

    Find wellbeing activities that support the whole you. As you are choosing activities that interest you, you will have the opportunity to connect with other Pinellas County Schools employees who are working towards the same goal. If you prefer to participate without others knowing, please change your privacy setting from “Everyone” to “Only me” on each activity you join.

    Maxed out on My Choice activities? That's okay! There's still more ways to earn points. Click here to learn more

    Preventative Exams (1/1/2023-12/31/2023)

    You can earn credits for a variety of routine preventative exams! Preventative exams are one of the most important things you can do for your health, to help treat any conditions and monitor your health frequently. There are two types of exams you can earn points for: Automatically Uploaded Exams and Self-submitted Exams. Below is are descriptions of the two different types of exams.

    Automatically Uploaded Exams
    Certain preventative exams (listed below) will be uploaded automatically through an Aetna claim. With these credits, you should not need to submit anything and should see your points within 60 days. However, if you do not see your credits in 60 days or by the end of the calendar year (12/31/2023), you will need to contact PCS Wellness at hillca@pcsb.org or pcs.oconnellj@pcsb.org or call 727-588-6031.  

    • Annual Physical (500 points)
    • Mammogram (500 points)
    • Colonoscopy (500 Points)
    • Well Women's Exam (500 points)

    Self-Submitted Exams
    After you complete your exam with the doctor, you will then go onto your Limeade portal and complete the activity for that specific exam. The self-submitted exams will be audited and you may be asked to provide additional information about your exam. Below is a list of which exams are automatically uploaded and which ones are self-submitted. 
    Self-submitted exams will be open through 12/31/2023. If you do not enter your exam information in before 12/31/2023, you must contact the PCS Wellness Team at hillca@pcsb.org or pcs.oconnellj@pcsb.org or call 727-588-6031 before 2/16/2024.

    • Flu Shot (100 points)
    • Skin Cancer Screening with a Dermatologist (100 points)
    • Dental Exam/Cleaning (100 points)
    • Vision Exam (100 points)
    • COVID-19 Vaccine (100 points)



    Participants are responsible for checking their points and reporting any missing preventative exams before the deadline. The deadline to report ANY missing preventative exam is 2/16/2024. Any exams reported after this time will not be able to be processed for the 2023 Limeade year.

    Directions for how to self-submit

    Direction for how to check points

    2022 Limeade

    March 1, 2022 - February 13, 2023


    The 2022 Limeade program ends on Monday, February 13, 2023. All employees who reached Level 3 by February 13, 2023 will be eligible for the $300 Annual Wellness Incentive. This incentive will be added directly to an employee's paycheck after the program year ends (the payout is expected to occur in March 2023). Employees who qualify for the payout will receive an email with the payout date once it is determined. All employees must be actively employed with the PCS medical insurance at the time of payout in order to receive this incentive.

    Employees have until May 15, 2023 to email hillca@pcsb.org with any issues with the 2022 Limeade program incentives.


    The following 2022 preventative exams will count towards the current Limeade year (ending 2/13/2023): annual physical, well woman's exam, mammography, colonoscopy, dental exam, vision exam, skin cancer screening, flu shot, and covid vaccine.
    Any missing points needed to be reported by Tuesday, January 31, 2023. Any points reported after this date may not be processed for the Limeade program. Participants are responsible for checking their points and making sure their exams process in time. 

    Directions for how to check your point history. 

    Any preventative exams done in 2023 will count towards the next Limeade year that begins March 1, 2023. 




    Contact Limeade Support at 888-984-3638 or support@limeade.com or

    PCS Wellness Team: Caleigh Hill hillca@pcsb.org, Dawn Handley handleyd@pcsb.org, Jessica O’Connell pcs.oconnellj@pcsb.org