State Educators Professional Liability Insurance


    Pinellas County Schools' General Liability Insurance covers all employees from claims arising from alleged "wrongful acts" under certain terms and conditions.  In addition, the State of Florida provides full-time Instructional Personnel, as defined in Florida Statutes, $2 Million dollars of Educators Professional Liability Insurance.  This insurance will be excess over the coverage provided by Pinellas County Schools.  Employees do not need to enroll to be covered by the district's policy or the state's policy.
    INSTRUCTIONAL PERSONNEL - Any K-12 staff member whose function includes the provision of direct instructional services to students.  Instructional personnel also includes K-12 personnel whose functions provide direct support in the learning process of students.  Included in the classification of instructional personnel are the following K-12 personnel:
    • Classroom Teachers - Classroom teachers are staff members assigned the professional activity of instructing students in courses in classroom situations, including basic instruction, exceptional student education, career education and adult education, including substitute teachers.
    • Student Personnel Services - Student personnel services include staff members responsible for: advising students with regard to their abilities and aptitudes, educational and occupational opportunities, and personal and social adjustments; providing placement services; performing educational evaluations; and similar functions.  Included in this classification are certified school counselors, social workers, career specialists, and school psychologists.
    • Librarian/Media Specialists - Librarian/media specialists are staff members responsible for providing school library media services. These employees are responsible for evaluating, selecting, organizing, and managing media and technology resources, equipment, and related systems; facilitating access to information resources beyond the school; working with teachers to make resources available in the instructional programs; assisting teachers and students in media productions; and instructing students in the location and use of information resources.
    • Other Instructional Staff - Other instructional staff are staff members who are part of the instructional staff by are not classified in one of the categories specified above.  Included in this classification are primary specialists, learning resource specialists, instructional trainers, adjunct educators certified pursuant to s. 1012.57,  and similar positions.
    • Education Paraprofessionals - Education paraprofessionals are individuals who are under the direct supervision of an instructional staff member, aiding the instructional process.  Included in this classification are classroom in regular instruction, exceptional education paraprofessionals, career education paraprofessionals, adult education paraprofessionals, library paraprofessionals, physical education and playground, and other school-level paraprofessionals.

    Educators' Professional Liability Insurance Program Q & A

    How does the coverage work?
    The program provides coverage excess of any coverage provided by the school district's insurance program or any other valid insurance coverage.  In cases where there is no other valid coverage the program will respond directly for covered losses.
    What does the program cover?
    The program protects "full-time" instructional personnel from liability for monetary damages and the costs of defending actions resulting from claims arising out of occurrences in the course of instructional personnel's Professional Activities.
    What is NOT covered under the program?
    Coverage is subject to standard conditions and exclusions that will be made available to the district school boards.
    What time period does the policy cover?
    Please visit the FL DOE Educators Professional Liability Policy below for policy details
    What are the coverage limits?
    $2,000,000 - Per Insured per Wrongful Act
    $3,000,000 - In the aggregate per Wrongful Act
    $2,000 - Per Bail Bond per Insured
    $500 - Per claims per Insured for Assault related to personal property damage
    Do teachers need to enroll in the program to be covered?
    No.  All "full-time" instructional personnel employed by the districts' school boards are automatically covered under the program.
    What do I do if I may have a claim?
    Please contact the PCS Risk Management Department, Armand (Skip) Paquette at 727-588-6078 or .

    Common Policy Declarations, Definitions, Conditions and Exclusions

    FL DOE Educators Professional Liability Policy
    For further questions on this insurance policy, please contact:
    Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
    8333 NW 53rd Street, Suite 600
    Miami, Florida  33166