Diabetes CARE Program

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    As MetLife_Logoa member of the Diabetes CARE program, you will get your prescription diabetes supplies (Preferred Tier 1 & Preferred Tier 2 only) at a zero co-pay for one year as long as all requirements are met.   When you consider all the supplies diabetics need -- lancets, blood glucose test strips, urine test strips, needles and syringes – your co-pays can add up fast. That makes your participation very valuable. Here is an overview of your CARE participation benefits.

    • Covered diabetic supplies with no co-pays under the PCSB pharmacy benefits 
    • Coupons for free diabetes education courses at select facilities
    • Access to Aetna’s 24/7 nurse line 

    The best benefit of participation, however, is managing and controlling your diabetes and improving your health for life.


    Diabetic Supplies

    Check with Aetna to confirm if your diabetic meter and testing supplies are in the same pharmacy tier and copayment.  Effective 1/1/2020: the current preferred meter on the Aetna formulary is Accu-Check.

    Please contact Aetna at 1-844-286-2174 to order a free meter. You will need to contact your physician to obtain a prescription for your diabetic supplies for this new meter. Any questions, please contact Gina DeOrsey at 727-588-6137 or pcs.deorseyg@pcsb.org

     If you currently are utilizing a meter diabetic supplies that are not included on the formulary, you may be charged more at the pharmacy.  We recommend you discuss any possible changes with your physician.   


    Program Requirements & Application