Retiree Benefits

  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life - Click here for information about Retiree Benefits.


    New Retiree Eligibility   You may participate in the Retiree BENEFlex program if you have six years of service and were hired before July 1, 2011. Members starting employment after July 1, 2011 will need eight years of service to participate in the Retiree BENEFlex program.
    All members must be receiving a Florida Retirement System monthly pension benefit check or if you are in the FRS Investment Plan be at least 59½ years of age with six years of service (eight years if hired after July 1, 2011) or have completed 30 years of service and eligible for withdrawals under the State Investment Plan.
    Continuation of Coverage You may continue the coverage in effect at the time of your retirement for the following benefits:
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Board Basic Life
    • Family Term Life insurance.