Disability Information

  • Disability Insurance (Income Protection)

    Disability insurance plans help you when you can't work for weeks or months due to an illness, injury, or pregnancy-related condition.
    1. You do not need to use your personal or vacation time before filing a claim for your disability coverage.  Disability benefits will be paid in addition to your sick time (monthly benefit may be reduced if Workers' Compensation is received). 
    2. You need to miss a certain number of work days before your disability pay starts.  This is called an elimination period.
    3. Pre-existing conditions limitations may apply.

    2020 Disability Program  (New Carrier) 


    2019 Disability ProgramOnly 26% of Americans have disability insurance

    If you went out in 2019 and have not yet filed a claim, contact Linda Bretherton

        (727) 588-6444, PCS.BRETHERTONL@pcsb.org


    Disability Plan Information