Workers' Compensation

    Below is information about our Workers' Compensation Program, including information about how to file a claim.  If you still have questions, please contact Risk Management at 588-6196. 

    Employee Responsibilities for Work-Related Injuries   

    1.  In the event of a work-related injury or illness, notify your supervisor/principal immediately (within 24 hours when possible)  and obtain any medically necessary treatment from a provider within the workers' compensation  network.  WC Provider List . (Initial treatment locations).  Treatment for a serious or life-threatening emergency may be received from any emergency facility.   
    2.  A copy of your return to work form will need to be returned to your supervisor.  Inform your physician that there are modified transitional jobs available at your work site or within the school district.   You cannot return to work without a release from your doctor.
    3.  If your doctor requests additional follow up visits, outpatient testing or physical therapy, you may wish to schedule your appointment outside of your normal work day, since these absences will not be paid under workers' compensation.   In some instances, however specialists' visits may be covered if appointment hours are not available outside your schedule.
    4. Your designated physician may authorize any additional needed specialty care.   Treatment received without approval from Johns Eastern Company is not covered.
    5.  Pinellas County Schools has the right to choose the medical providers who will treat you.
    6.  Workers' Compensation also will replace part of your lost wages if your authorized workers' compensation doctor says you must be out of work for a certain length of time because of a work-related injury or illness.
    7.  If you have an illness or injury that requires your absence to extend beyond ten days, contact the Human Resource department regarding leave of absence procedures.   
    8.  Pinellas County Schools is self insured, but Johns Eastern Company, our third party administrator, determines compensability, manages, and processes the workers compensation claims.     

    Claim Reporting Procedures for Employer

    Use the worksheet above to get the basic facts and details of the injury from the employee.      
    Johns Eastern Reporting Instructions - Instructions on how to file a claim through Johns Eastern.   
    Johns Eastern - Login to Johns Eastern website to report the claim on-line.   If you need assistance with your username or password, contact Risk Management at 588-6196.