Salary Schedules

  • Please note the following for placement on the Instructional Salary Schedules:
    *Applicants for instructional positions who have retired from a district school system within or outside of the state of Florida are only eligible for placement on the salary schedule of up to 8 years verifiable credit from their previous employer(s). Please contact the Senior Compensation Analyst in Human Resources to determine your salary.
    *Applicants will be granted credit on the instructional salary schedule for all verified public school experience in accordance with state law.  If public school credit is less than eight (8) years, a combination of verified military, full-time private school teaching experience, and related work experience may be granted to a maximum of eight (8) total years.  Salary adjustments for verified school experience must be received within the school year the employee was initially hired.

    *Applicants (new or former employees returning to the district) for instructional positions will be placed on the Performance Instructional Salary Schedule. 
    2016/2017 Salary Schedules - Board-Approved October 25, 2016
    2015/2016 Salary Schedules