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    View the current list of active/approved volunteer speakers on the Speaker Directory 22-23 

    Pinellas County Schools offers the public an opportunity to partner with us in education by opening the classrooms for you to share information and experiences with students.  If you are interested in being a volunteer repeat speaker and want to have your presentation listed in our Speaker's Directory, the first step is to become a registered volunteer.  Please see the Volunteer Registration link below.  Once you are an active/approved volunteer, please review the Speaker Guidelines and submit your presentation for review at the Speaker Application and Guidelines link below.  Please note, if you are a one-time speaker at a school, you are not required to be a registered volunteer and the topic only needs to be approved by the school administration.
    Controversial Topics
    If your presentation topic is considered in any way to be controversial, your application must be approved by the Family Life Education Committee.  The committee meets once a month to meet with applicants and review programs/presentations.
    Guidelines & resource materials for school staff:  How to Use the Speaker's Bureau
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