Volunteer in a Pinellas County School

     If you have a question about volunteer and mentor opportunites, reach out the the family and community liaison at the school.
    2021/2022 Volunteer Guidelines 

    Following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Pinellas County Schools Volunteer District Guidelines.
    Schools will limit any onsite nonessential volunteers, community organizations, businesses, municipalities partners, and speakers.

    • Volunteer and Mentor opportunities are offered both in-person and virtually this year. Virtual mentoring is strongly encouraged for the LunchPals Program. Please reach out the to the family and community liaison at the school for more information.
    • All PTA and club meetings will be held virtually unless directed by the school principal.
    • A voting quorum of SAC members need to be in attendance at SAC meetings in person.  Other members and the public can attend virtually or by phone.  
    • Volunteers who participate in sporting and other organizations/club events/activities should take all precautions to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to players, families, coaches, and communities.
      Volunteers, Coaches, Boosters and Clubs

    • All volunteers will be tracked while on campus.
    • All volunteer club meetings will be held virtually, unless otherwise directed by the Principal.
    • Volunteers will sign in/out on a digital log sheet each time on campus in addition to logging their volunteer hours.
    • It is recommended that all volunteers wear a mask at all times.
    • Volunteers must be assigned to the same group of students each time they volunteer.
    • A list of questions for volunteer’s health will be asked prior to volunteering. Volunteers will immediately report if they suspect they have come in contact with COVID-19 or if they test positive.
    • School personnel will provide hand-sanitizer to be used throughout the volunteer’s time on campus. Sanitizer will be used if any equipment is handled.
    • Schools will designate a safe inside area to shelter in case of lightning or extreme heat. This area should be large enough for coaches, volunteers and athletes to social distance.
    • Volunteers will park in designated areas of the school campus.
    • Prior to volunteering - all volunteers must be background-approved Level 1. All Level I volunteers are to be supervised at all times. All Level II volunteers are permitted to be unsupervised with students and will follow the CDC guidelines. Level II volunteers must wear their Level II badges when on school campus.
    Please contact the school family & community liaisons for all questions regarding volunteer opportunities.
    Congratulations to the 2019/2020 Outstanding School Volunteers, District Winners
    and State Finalists
    Outstanding School Volunteer Reg. Winners
    Exciting opportunities for Pinellas County students, parents and teachers are happening every day, thanks to the efforts of families and community members. Volunteers and community partners are making a difference, to help students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are the hallmark of a quality education. 

    Change your lunch plans...Change a child's life. 

    Sign up to today click on the workshop link or go to www.pcsb.org/mentor!
    To learn more about how you can help change a life in just thirty minutes a week! Listen, encourage, be a friend to a child at a school closest to where you live or work.


    School Family & Community Liaison Listing


    Video Message from Dr. Grego

    Volunteer Application

    Level 1 (National Background Screening at no cost to the volunteer) will be processed by the District Office Of Strategic Partnerships. Please confirm with the Family & Community Liaison at the school if additional Level 2 screening is a requirement for volunteering. When the registration has been Level 1 background checked approved, you will receive an email with your user ID and password to log your volunteer hours in the volunteer system. 
    To log your volunteer hours. Use the google chrome browser and go to: PCS Volunteer System
    Click on the link to view the  Pinellas County Schools Volunteer Handbook
    Click on link to view the Level II Fingerprinting Procedures.

    Pinellas County Schools
    Office of Strategic Partnerships
    Attn: Lisa Leonarduzzi, District Volunteer Coordinator
    301 4th St. SW, Largo, FL 33770
    Tel #: 727-588-5050
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