Career Resources

  • Teachers Activity Sheets for Personal Assessments – Myers-Briggs Test is the most widely used personal assessment instrument. To learn more about the Myers-Briggs codes, go to

    Go to: - read the questions together with your student. Answer the questions honestly. Click on “Score it” to submit the test and receive the “personality code.”

    Select student’s code and click on “type description by D. Keirsey.”

    Print Results for future use and reference.

    vetNow go to – This site contains easy-to-use personality test. The information will provide brief information about the student’s personality. – this site contains employment trends and projects, salary guides, career exploration tests, link to many career sites, and search engines. - constructionthis is filled with a variety of links for college and career planning. – this site is a resource to find more information about volunteer opportunity in your community.
    To view sample resumes to click on “Support Resources”

    A career portfolio is a collection of documents that your students can use to advance their career goals. For sample portfolios visit