• Mildred Helms Elementary-New Construction and Renovation

    Updated on 8/23/21

    Project information:

    Architect: Rowe Architects

    Contractor: Skanska

    PCSB Project Coordinator: John Cooley

    Project Budget: 5.6 Million

    Start Date: November 2021

    Completion:July 2022


    Construction/Renovation of:

    The project includes new construction and renovation of the existing Mildred Helms Elementary campus.   The project’s goal is to construct a new cafeteria building that will also hold a music/band room and a PE teachers office.  A new parking area and parent loop will be added at the south-west of the property and a new covered play court will be added to the north-west.  An extensive renovation the existing cafeteria will convert the space into three science classrooms while demolishing the kitchen area. 


    Demolition will include:

    • Demolition of Building 5 to include all walls and finishes in rooms 002-002j and 003. Infill existing openings to room 001 and match to adjacent exterior finish.
    • Demolition of interior finishes in Building 5 rooms 001-001c to also include removing the stage


    New Construction will include:

    • New Parking lot and parent loop at the south-west of the site
    • New cafeteria building at 15,630 sqft.
      • Cafeteria
      • Multipurpose room with stage
      • Kitchen
      • Receiving and storage
      • Faculty Dining
      • Music/Band room
      • PE teacher's office
    • New covered play court


    Renovations and Remodeling to include:

    • Renovate existing Building 5 into 3 science classrooms
      • New ceilings, lights, flooring, casework

    Project status:

    Partial GMP going to the Board on 9/14 for long lead item procurement
    In development of Final GMP.