Horace Mann

  • Horace Mann and the PCS school district have teamed up to provide you the convenience of paying your auto premiums through payroll deduction.  Choose Horace Mann for your auto insurance, and you can begin to enjoy the convenience of having your premiums deducted directly from your paycheck. 

    Information about how to obtain an auto insurance quote.


    Just think – no more checks to write, no envelopes to mail and no more worries about paying your bill on time.  And, it costs you nothing.  Plus, you’ll receive an additional discount on your auto insurance – just for using the payroll deduction option!  In addition to other discounts you might be eligible for, including a multiple policy discount.    

    Payroll deduction also gives you the advantage of a 12-month policy term as opposed to a 6-month term if directly billed. 

    Horace Mann understands you have unique insurance needs, and we value your business.  That’s why our auto insurance is designed with special benefits and coverages to meet those needs.  If you want to learn how you can receive added value to your auto insurance, click on the link above or contact me at the number listed below.  Of course, there is no obligation to buy.

    Also, if you are a current Horace Mann Auto client you can call us about switching your policy to payroll deduction and lower your rates by 10% too.


    Thanks for your service to your school district!
    Gary Cucchi and John Crager

    (813) 600-3268 or (727) 576-5555





    Horace Mann Insurance Company and its affiliates underwrite Horace Mann auto insurance.